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OK, SykevadPlank here. We’re listening to a black hat SEO session with Josh and Hollie. She’s camping and is a premiere black hat host. She knows her black hat.
Ted is a grey hat but he’s found a recent exploit. They’re not going to talk about it on the air.
Josh is with them too. He had himself muted but introduced himself.
Basically it’s a free for all. Answer all the SEO questions. Just type them in. I can see nothing unless it’s an obvious thing. Use asterisks.
With that I’m going to start with a segment. What’s new in SEO?

Search Engine Round Table by Barry Schwartz. He’s watching a new algorithm update as of June 8. The June 8th update as far as we can tell is quality related. Usually when Google makes any other kind of update, My test servers fluctuate like a Richter scale. This update, it was flat line. When I don’t see a fluctuation on my servers, I know it has something to do with user metrics and quality.

The panelists have not seen anything. Only one person in the group, which you can join, has seen anything and he saw a huge drop.
Josh says the search engines are responding much faster these days.
Some black hats may not feel the same way about it.
Holly says YouTube does their updates early. Her serps tanked over the weekend. She doesn’t feel the update as much as she did this weekend but then things normalized again.
Her feeder sites did little. They don’t get a lot of traffic so that creates credibility to the hypothesis of a quality update.

Often, Google will say you can’t fix anything but testing reveals that there are things you can do to fix their updates. The evidence supports the claim that Google is simply lying to you about SEO.

Local agencies are not happy with the new Google dashboard. Analysts have not really checked out the new dashboard yet. The new dashboard could be Google’s way of trying to get in on the SEO landscape. Getting in front of the top results suppresses SEO efforts.
Now, apparently you can verify sites with Google analytics. This is for Google My Business.

The evidence. Is compelling. Recent testing shows that Google sites with test keywordss has more juice than even a subdomain. . There were attempts of linking Fromm the Google sites resulted in test pages going down.

The apprentice said this was an old Google site and not the new one.. That surprising because the old sites have more power. This needs to be clarified.

Old Google Sites provide nofollow links. It appears the new Google sites don't provide juice at all. Trying to link out actually made our test site go down. Now, this was only one test site so we're going to have to repeat it and see what the results turn out to be. She wants to get an AMA going in the private skype group but we have about 70 in the private group. This is SIA stuff. She'll post an unlisted video and have comments etc. If you can't attend you can get your question in there and come back and watch later. She'll do her best not to make it salesy but there are limitations what she can do about CTR. She can answer black hat, 301 redirects, java and what not. Maybe some things with YouTube that people don't know they can do.

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